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Datasol as a group is an ISO 9001:2008 certified product realization company providing end to end solutions to Military / Defense, Aerospace, Space, Industrial Automation and Embedded market. Established in 1997,"DATASOL" Products and integration services have over the years heralded the use of latest technologies across a wide spectrum of domains like Defense, Aerospace, Automotive and Industrial Automation.

Over 250+ man-years of knowledge, Innovation & Dedication has transformed "DATASOL" into a par excellence in system design, development & manufacturing house. Datasol has highly intellectual & best of the minds working towards a single endeavor rolling out world-class products with cutting edge technologies for Land, Air & Marine platforms. Team Datatsol is dedicated to capture the customer's needs from "Concept to Delivery" of both Products and Projects to suit to any kinds of applications.

Latest News

Datasol will be taking part in AERO INDIA HALL C 19D starting from Feb 09 to 13, 2011.

Datasol principles have released new generation boards as follows.

->6U CPCI corei7 CPCI/VME cards.
->OpenVPX 3U/6U intel or ppc cards.
->OpenVPX development chasis.
->Various types of highspeed XMC DAQ
->XMC intel or ppc processors models.
->XMC or VPX SSD cards.

Datasol has released,

->Rugged 19" Panel PC.
->Rugged 2U chassis.
->Convection conduction cooled ATR
->Rugged custom design workstation.
->Portable ATE.

Datasol as a group certified ISO 9001:2008 and also registered with CEMELAC.
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